Japan Airlines Orders 737 MAX

Japan Airlines has announced a new commitment for the 737-8, part of the 737 MAX series. The order consists of 21 aircraft that’ll begin being delivered to the Japanese carrier in 2026.

The broader JAL group has identified these aircraft as the perfect ones to replace the currently existing 737-800s, which eventually need replacement. In addition, the 737 Max comes with significant leaps in efficiency and Japan Airlines will be hugely beneficial when they ultimately begin deliveries.

Japan Airlines will therefore deploy their 737 Max aircraft not necessarily on one specific market. Regional alongside important domestic destinations will be targeted as the replacement will be like-for-like with the 737-800. Therefore, while new possibilities are opened, they’ll primarily be needed for initial fleet and route replacement plans.

A world-class fleet is one Japan Airlines wants to stick to, and the latest investment in the 737 MAX, well, it’s a great building block for these plans that also include new widebody aircraft that continue to roll into the fleet.

All in all, making their operations quieter and more comfortable for passengers while also getting the economic benefits out of flying for the airline themselves. So it’s a win, wins.


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