Indigo Eyes Massive Airbus Order


As part of India’s continued rapid growth in the aviation sector, Airbus and Indigo are reportedly closing in on a deal consisting of 500 narrowbody A320 family jets.

A commitment to the A320 series of this stature would see Indigo overtake Air India for the total units ordered. This a feat most would’ve not expected to be overtaken so soon, but it is the perfect indication of the significant growth seen in the region and the need for more passenger aircraft to aid companies plans.

While Indigo targets narrowbody aircraft and seemingly Airbus has wrapped this up, for the plane maker, they also have an opportunity to secure another contract and potentially sell more of their A330neos.

This follows Indigo’s longstanding interest in acquiring widebody aircraft for its operations. Interest even for the Airbus A330neo dates back before the turn of this decade. However, Indigo never acted on such interest for many reasons, primarily the pandemic no doubt playing a role.

Daniel Fowkes
05 Jun 2023
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