Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Enters Service

Daniel Fowkes
18 Apr 2024
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Hawaiian Airlines first Boeing 787 has entered service from Honolulu to San Fransico, marking the entry into a new era with the flagship.

Hawaiian Airlines has celebrated entering a new era as it formally witnessed the entry into service of its latest flagship, the Boeing 787-9.

Departing from Honolulu, the 787-9, registered as N781NA, operated with service to San Francisco, acting as the first intended flight following a first delivery in February.

Slowly but surely, Boeing 787s will join the network, with the first unit planned to operate daily between Honolulu and San Fransico until May 14. From this point forward, the second 787-9, which will be registered as N780NA, will begin Honolulu to Los Angeles flights and Honolulu to Pheonix flights from May 15.

The Boeing 787-9’s enhanced capabilities are set to greatly benefit the airline as it moves into a new era where the focus on passenger comfort levels remains incredibly high.

Inside The Boeing 787

Hawaiian says that its 787-9s feature an island-inspired design that evokes a sense of belonging, culture, and smoothness with beauty in the form of texture.

The airline has implemented key lighting, such as that of sunrise and sunset. 34 suites turn into lie-flat seats with an 18-inch in-flight entertainment system, privacy doors, and more, all set in a 1-2-1 configuration.

266 Collins Aerospace Aspire seats make up the bulk of Econonony, focusing on offering customers USB-A and USB-C charging ports. Hawaiian adds that the seats have been ergonomically produced to maximise space and comfort.

Notably, a focus has been placed on more shoulder and hip room for passengers in an economy with a 3-3-3 configuration. While there’ll be 266 in the main cabin, 79 will be classed as Extra Comfort seats, with more legroom and AC power outlets.

A Complicated Order

Hawaiian Airlines’ journey to the Boeing 787 was anything but simple, with two other aircraft ordered before the airline settled on this widebody from the American manufacturer.

Notably, Hawaiian Airlines had initially committed to the Airbus A350-800, the smallest variant of the A350 series that was initially released. However, when Airbus decided not to progress with the -800 and move towards the A330neo, Hawaiian followed.

After much deliberation, while the A330neo would provide a like-for-like replacement to the A330ceo, which has been its highest capacity jet for some time, the company believed a switch was in order.

Eventually, the airline decided to proceed with the Boeing 787, which would act as the flagship. After a long, drawn-out process, the entry into service marks a moment in time that’ll be forever remembered within the company.

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