Hawaiian Airlines A321neos To Begin Being Ungrounded

Daniel Fowkes
26 Apr 2024
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A Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo on flight HA44 on final approach to San Jose International Airport.

Hawaiian Airlines has been impacted by the ongoing Pratt & Whitney GTF engine crisis on A321neo aircraft. These difficulties have left the A321neos grounded, the lease of existing planes extended, and the airline facing financial turbulence.

As the airline reported its Q1 results, updates were provided regarding the A321neo fleet, which has been damaged in recent years. Hawaiian Airlines hopes to have all A321neos back into revenue service within the next few weeks.

In the Q1 earnings call, Hawaiian Airlines’ CEO highlighted that current engine availability is making a service return possible. Additionally, engines away from the company for overhauls are slated to be returned.

Hawaiian Airlines, however, is counting its blessings. The airline is more than aware of its position, which is more favourable than that of other airlines being impacted by the GTF saga. Moreover, despite its more favourable position, it is aware that there is still a shortage of engines.

As a result, Hawaiian Airlines remains cautious about its forecast for the remainder of the year and hopes it’ll be able to smooth out its operations in the coming months. At worst, the airline’s CEO said he wouldn’t be surprised if A321neos are grounded later down the line because of the incredibly volatile nature of the situation.

A Global Impact

Airlines worldwide have been forced to ground their A321neo aircraft like Hawaiian Airlines. However, the varying degrees of the groundings have been more than present, with each airline battling it differently.

Companies have sometimes been forced to reduce flying to cope with the grounding. Meanwhile, the reduction in flying for others has correlated to the cancellation of routes and postponement of new service launches.

Some airlines have also been forced to extend the leases of existing planes to cope with the lack of capacity. Ultimately, it’s not been pretty, and the issues have affected all types of carriers, from IndiGo to Air New Zealand to Spirit and Hawaiian Airlines.

Air New Zealand is one of the many airlines impacted by the Pratt & Whitney GTF crisis, resulting in A321neos being grounded alongside flight cancellations – Photo credit: Mitchul Hope

Financial Results and Outlook At Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines reported a loss of USD 137.6 million during the first quarter. However, it can at least take comfort in knowing it’s not the only company to have experienced something similar. Several other airlines in the United States reported similar losses across Q1.

The Honolulu-based carrier cited the A321neo groundings as a critical catalyst for reporting the losses. However, revenues increased 5.4% yearly to USD 645.6 million, with operating expenses also significantly rising.

Hawaiian remains optimistic about the remaining quarters of the calendar year and hopes the smooth return to service of the A321neos will aid it moving forward.

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