Global Airlines Purchases First Airbus A380


Global Airlines, a U.K.-based carrier looking to bring back the golden age of travel, has seemingly purchased its first aircraft and is sticking with its promise. It also appears that the first acquisition is the world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380.

The airline claimed in 2022 that by 2025 it would have 100 aircraft operational across 75 routes with a base out of London Gatwick. The company further claims that it’ll also look to fly everywhere. Featuring destinations in Canada, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. They say they won’t leave any city unserved.

The claims were rightfully criticised heavily, and labels such as “scam” were thrown around. However, the number of airlines emerging with solid claims and unrealistic aspirations has only grown recently. Global Airlines was broadly labelled as another one of these.

However, it has seemingly taken its plans further by purchasing its first aircraft, an Airbus A380, with The Independent reporting the developments. The CEO and Founder say it’s a step that takes them in the right direction towards launching operations sooner rather than later.

Before Global Airlines can launch operations, they must overcome many hurdles, and it’s not as straightforward as potentially being painted out. Even airlines with significant backing and robust business plans can struggle to gain the appropriate certification. As such, it leaves most wondering how Global Airlines will be able to achieve such a feat.

German aircraft finance company Doric Aviation has been touted as where Global Airlines claims they’ve acquired the aircraft. However, tough questions already surround whether or not this carrier will make it off the ground with a business model full of concerns, questionable aircraft acquisition and much more.

Daniel Fowkes
30 May 2023
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  1. I can’t see to see the plane in London gatwick airport on fligthrader 24 on my plane app. and i will track it when it leave the airport and i am excited. there is lot of a380 at london heathrow airport. theny could put virgin virgin atlantic airways at lonon gatwick airport because there is plane going to tampa and new york .

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