Global Airlines Plans A380 Launch

global airlines airbus a380

Global Airlines, a prospective start-up airline based in the U.K. that plans to fly the Airbus A380, has revealed more about its future operations.

The airline still plans on operating by 2024. However, there will be significant challenges in obtaining its AOC, which CEO James Asquith hopes to achieve by the end of this calendar year.

Airbus A380s will likely be kitted out with 450 to 470 seats, and the company intends on targeting New York JFK and Los Angeles as the two initial cities for its route network, with operations being based out of London Gatwick.

The airline held a media event in London during the week; although disgruntled media struggled to ask questions, it did allow Global Airlines to announce its partnership with American Express.

The basis of the partnership is high spending Amex cardholders will be able to book tickets and see exclusive offers with Global Airlines. These offers include hotel stays, restaurant booking and fly-drive offers, and the chance to be on some of the airline’s first services.

A media event in London received bad reception from those in attendance, with reports that, if anything, the airline was criticising the media rather than offering them the chance to learn better about a company that promises so much.

Labelled by many as a con and fake airline, Global Airlines is in a race to try and prove its largely unrealistic business model to the world and that it has the wings to take off. This process will take time, and that’s if it doesn’t crumble before their very eyes soon.
Daniel Fowkes
29 Jul 2023
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  1. Unless I’m missing something, entering the already overcrowded transatlantic sector appears to be foolhardy. It has proved to be the demise of many airline startups.
    Will be watching the story with great interest.

  2. I’m from Miami, Florida , USA and hope Global Airlines add GTW- MIA- GTW in the future

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