Global Airlines Buys More A380s

global airlines airbus a380

Global Airlines, a carrier based in the U.K hoping to become the newest long-haul airline, has announced its intent to bring its total A380 fleet to four aircraft, up from the previous single unit.

The start-up revealed the news on the 30th of June, 2023. However, the company has many unknowns surrounding it, while making bold claims that it would be a major disruptor in the aviation industry and bring back the golden age of travel with a route map to every corner of the globe. Many have compared it to a fictional airline started in a video game rather than real life.

Global Airlines has been steadily adding members to its company, with its CEO, James Asquith, who also acts as the founder, the backbone of the airline that wants to launch as early as Spring 2024.

The CEO has reaffirmed his belief that the A380 is the best aircraft for their operations, given its size and passenger capacity. He believes acquiring these secondhand means also gives them great opportunities. No price has been disclosed, but the A380 has been notoriously known as a type with no secondary market.

The airline has already reported four Airbus A380s to its name as it gears up for launch. However, many obstacles remain, many doubters to prove wrong, and a business model that many would argue is not only insane but not feasible or viable for the long-term sustainability of a company.

Daniel Fowkes
03 Jul 2023
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  1. Cool. What a dream. I wish that this new airline becomes a reality but fear it is doomed to fail. They would have to fill their enormous airplanes to make any profit. The cost of getting one dressed out to airline specifications and the crew and support staff (behind the scenes) ticket counter space, finding lucrative slots is going to be a tough one to pull off. I wish Global Airlines much good fortune.

  2. Scratching my head to find a niche, either geographically,vin-flight offer, or a combination, that Global, with 4 380’s apparently ordered, might be seeking to exploit, but as yet unsuccessfully.
    Wish the airline however, all the very best!

  3. Tariq
    I’m a very big lover of A380 airbus, it beautiful aircraft. I’m based at Heathrow Airport. im looking after Singapore Airlines A380 Cabin Appearance at Heathrow Airport. If i was given a chance to get involved for Global Airlines in Cabin Appearance It would dream come true.
    I wish Global Airlines all the best

  4. We’ve all been there.

    “Ooh look, BMW 7 series / high mileage Jaguar XJ’s / 1980’s Bentleys are surprisingly cheap on Autotrader, I should buy one”

    And then you go on the car forums and find out why they’re so cheap (to buy), and you talk yourself out of it.

    These guys have done the same thing with A380’s, but the crazy fools have actually gone and bought them! They and their investors are going to find out the hard way why these were such a “bargain” to begin with.

  5. Agree. So many eventualities to cover, so many departments to maintain or farm out, so many knock on effects of a single disruption. So many cost saving decisions are bound to be made.

    When I look at established major airlines while following incident reports online (formerly in magazines) it’s puzzling to me how they make any money even at £/$5,000 per seat with all flights full.

    They seriously have got a chance imv, and is potentially dangerous…. but what do I know.

    I hope they received the best advice and planned for everything, even though nothing would be in place to support the 4 aircraft, but (hate/love to say it) I hope this isn’t a Titan type ego trip for one individual.

    1. Post
  6. These may be onto something. Airfares are sky high and demand is going through the roof. If they play right they should succeed. Let’s hope they don’t adopt the low cost carriers model.

  7. Dear Global Team..
    Please also consider some queen of the Sky.
    Since you are in primary stage it’s not a bad idea to also bring in those beautiful big birds. By bringing it you can wow the travel industry and world. Good luck friends.

  8. If they have a sound business plan then I wish them the best of luck. They do not need to span the Globe with their 380’s just profitable routes like the US. Where they may be able to fill their planes with competitively priced tickets. Only Emirates has had the capacity to fly 130 A380’s successfully, but even the mighty Emirates is not running at full capacity.

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