Flair Airlines To Get More 737 MAXs

Daniel Fowkes
16 Jun 2023
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Flair Airlines will add two new Boeing 737 MAXs to continue its commitment to customers across North America.

With ultra-low-cost flights, Flair Airlines has always looked to disrupt the market and cause existing airlines to act on their low fares and attractive model.

Flair Airlines says the acquisition will be possible thanks to SMBC Aviation Capital. It will enter into its operations shortly to make the most of the available summer demand the company will see.

The Canadian airline believes there’s a lot of potential in the Canadian sector, and acquiring new jets will mean they can launch new routes, increase capacity and capitalise on the sector’s recovery.

We are pleased to deliver these two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to Flair, expanding its fuel-efficient fleet and
helping Flair to capitalise on the recovery that we are seeing in the sector. These modern, fuel-efficient aircraft will allow Flair to provide
even more value to their customers over the coming years and we look forward to many years of growth and
successful partnership with Flair.

Barry Flannery, Chief
Commercial Officer, SMBC Aviation Capital.

In May of 2023, Flair Airlines said they had a 99.1% completion factor with on-time performance leading the Canadian airline industry. 82.1% of flights arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time, and the carrier’s load factors sit at 90%, a very solid load factor that further aircraft Flair believes will aid them with this evident demand.

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