Exciting Jetstar A321neo LR News

Last year Jetstar welcomed its first A321neo LR. In what was described as a fantastic moment for the Qantas Group airline that specialises in offering a no-frills service for a lower price than flag-carrier Qantas.

Now, as the airline welcomes more of the type to its fleet, it can start deploying it to cities from different Australian ports. From July 21st, Adelaide Airport will see an A321neo LR sent to Bali. This is a significant upgrade to the airlines currently existing A320 service. The A321neo LR having 46 extra seats, will boost capacity by 25% and add 58,000 more seats.

In better news from mid-year, the airline says that two of their NEO LRs will be based in Adelaide permanently. This is a testament to the growth of not only Adelaide as a city but also Jetstar’s commitment to offering low-cost fares to communities.

Bali remains Jetstar’s most popular international destination, as per Group CEO Stephanie Tully. Its proximity to Australia, low prices, beaches, food, and more are all contributing factors. In addition, Jetstar’s ability to utilise their new higher capacity jets on the route is described as an opportunity too hard to pass up.

Bali demand has bounced back strongly from Australia. It’s a market Australians were always desperate to travel to, which only increased after a lengthy period away. Indonesia, on the whole, is a major travel destination for Australians. Adelaide Airport officials and South Australian Tourism ministers are incredibly overjoyed with the news 2 A321neo LR aircraft will be based at the airport.

By mid-2024, the airline will have welcomed the delivery of 18 A321 neo LR aircraft. These will be deployed on services across their network, opening up new possibilities.


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