Envoy Air To Retire ERJ-145s

Envoy Air, a subsidiary of American Airlines, will retire its final Embraer ERJ-145 next week in a decision that sees a shift in the business model for the company.

The ERJ-145s come equipped with 50 seats. However, for Envoy, their strategy will shift towards flying the larger E175 across their operations, with American Airlines plotting further growth in this area.

The series has remained in service for almost two decades and has undoubtedly seen significant changes within the industry.

While the ERJ-145 did a job for the airline, it ultimately no longer stacked up to currently available aircraft. On the other hand, the E170 family has raving reviews for customers who enjoy flying on it. Further, Envoy Air can offer its customers more on this aircraft, such as WiFI.

Envoy Air has 129 aircraft in service. 104 of those are the E175s, 16 are the E170s, and finally, a handful of E145s remain in their fleet.

The Embraer E175’s average age of 16 years, while the E175 is only 5 years.


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