El Al Eyes New Order

El Al has posted its first Q1 operating profit since 2005, a significant achievement that came with further updates regarding their fleet choices moving ahead.

The airline reported a profit of USD 9 million. While minimal overall, it is still a landmark moment for the airline that has struggled to be profitable in the first quarter for almost two decades.

Restructuring throughout the company that has taken place in recent years isis cited as a critical catalyst for why the company has achieved such results.

The company says that it is currently requesting proposals for narrowbody aircraft from Airbus and Boeing as it intends to replace older aircraft and tap into potential growth plans that may be possible. Included in this request for proposal are engine manufacturers too.

Per Cirium fleet data, the airline has 42 aircraft in service. This includes 14 active 737-800s and 8 737-900s, comprising most of its narrowbody fleet. If the company were to indulge in proposals from Airbus’, it would see them move away from Boeing aircraft, which power both their narrowbody and long-haul fleets.

Its long-haul fleet includes the Boeing 787 and Boeing 777 families.


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