China Airlines To Get More 787s

China Airlines has announced its intent to acquire a further 8 Boeing 787-9s as part of its fleet growth and overhaul program.

The announcement comes off the back of their pre-existing contract signed last year for up to 24 of the type.

China Airlines notes that deliveries should begin from 2026 for this batch as they expect their first 787-9 to arrive in 2025.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the airline’s plans, and as such, introducing the Boeing 787 as an option for long-haul travel will genuinely boost their efforts.

The Boeing 787s come with excellent efficiency and low operating costs, meaning China Airlines will utilise the aircraft over the next six years to expand to new destinations globally.

The Boeing 787s, while being purchased to expand their network, will work hand in hand to replace their existing A330-300s.


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