Boom Targets 2027 First Flight For Overture


Boom Supersonic at the 2023 Paris Airshow announced plans to continue advancing with their Overture program with a host of announcements and partnerships being signed.

The company has signed with Aernnova, Leonardo and Aciturri to help produce the aircraft, each listed as structural supplies.

Aernnova will act as the wing supplier for Overture and is a Spain-based tier-one aerospace supplier. They will design and develop the eventual gull-like wing for the plane to enable it to fly at supersonic speeds.

Meanwhile, Leonardo has been selected by Boom to take a primary engineering lead when it comes to fuselage and structural components integrations. The company will focus solely on the fuselage and tackle many complex challenges.

Aciturri has been selected as the empennage supplier for Overture. The company boasts a substantial wealth of knowledge in the aerostructure and aero-engine components sector and will be able to design and develop the empennage for Overture. It’s a feature on Overture that allows for excellent control at subsonic speeds, focusing on the takeoff and landing process.

Boom further adds that its Symphony engine has also seen new program milestones. The plan is for Overture to be powered by 100% sustainable aviation fuel, and Boom continues to optimise it for the best possible performance looking ahead.

However, the demonstrator of the XB-1 baby boom is still yet to fly despite persistent claims it would be year after year. Boom’s CEO claims the type will fly again this year; however, whether that happens remains to be seen.

Additionally, Boom Supersonic says they’re still on track for a 2027 first flight and a 2029 approval by regulatory bodies for certification. While construction has started on their Overture factory, the company continues to put out more announcements, partnerships and more than firm news. Sharing high-quality 3d graphic renderings of what the facility will look like during the construction phase without actually sharing physical imagery of the site.

Daniel Fowkes
20 Jun 2023
· Aircraft 

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