Boom Supersonic Eyes Overture For Government

Rendering of Boom Supersonic's upcoming Overture configured for defence operations

Boom Supersonic has announced the launch of its Defense Advisory Group as it continues to work towards launching its Overture.

The Defence Advisory Group aims to assess the potential usage of the upcoming Overture for national security missions.

A council full of what Boom describes as independent military and defence experts brings together substantial knowledge and experience to understand how to make the type work in different scenarios.

The experienced leaders joining the Defense Advisory Group will guide us in optimizing our aircraft for government customers. We know that we can deliver a valuable product to the Department of Defense with a specialized variant of Overture.

Kathy Savitt, president of Boom Supersonic.

Boom has also revealed the board’s founding members to help make the plans of Boom Supersonic in the defence space a reality.

  • – General William M. Fraser III, USAF (Retired), former Commander of U.S. Transportation Command, Air Combat Command, and USAF Vice Chief of Staff
  • – General Raymond E. Johns, USAF (Retired), former Commander of U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command
  • – General Carlton (Dewey) Everhart II, USAF (Retired), former Commander of U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command
  • – Lieutenant General Ted Bowlds, USAF (Retired), former Commander Electronic Systems Command
  • – Mr. David E. Hamilton, Retired Senior Executive Service, former Director and Program Executive Officer for the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office
  • – Major General Lawrence M. Martin, Jr., USAF (Retired), former Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs
  • – Major General Kyle Kremer, USAF (Retired), former Director of Strategy, Plans, Requirements and Programs for Air Mobility Command

In July, Boom Supersonic announced that it would support Northrop Grumman on a NASA contract to find methods to deliver a high-speed endo-atmospheric commercial vehicle design study.

One of Boom’s priorities is producing its first Overture and eventually being certified to fly with customers. At the same time, it’ll face many roadblocks it has already experienced on that pathway.

Boom believes that its Overture has excellent potential in the defence space and is thus attempting to find ways to act on that interest. Its defence model is a key means to achieving those aspirations.

Daniel Fowkes
13 Sep 2023
· Aircraft 
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