Boom Supersonic Cleared For Supersonic Test Flights

Daniel Fowkes
18 Apr 2024
· Aircraft 
Boom Supersonic has received approval to conduct Supersonic test flights with its XB-1 demonstrator in a first of its kind certification.

Boom Supersonic, a company hoping to return supersonic air travel to the aviation industry, has announced it received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to exceed Mach 1.

Exceeding Mach 1 will be possible during test flights of its XB-1 demonstrator, which recently completed its first flight. The XB-1 is deemed crucial to obtain test results to apply to the upcoming Overture.

Overture will be the full-scale aircraft produced to fly to destinations worldwide. Boom’s super factory is currently being built in preparation for the first Overture to begin being constructed and rolled out in the coming years.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s approval is labelled as a first of its kind. Test flights exceeding Mach 1 on the XB-1 will occur shortly in the California desert.

Up to 20 supersonic test flights over the R-2508 Complex in California are permitted over a year; this area, explicitly known as the Black Mountain Supersonic Corridor, is associated with several parties.

Per the requirements, Boom’s flights will occur at or above 30,000 ft mean sea level, with an increased focus placed on safety and fulfilling requirements laid out by several organisations on the test aircraft.

Boom Supersonic is working hard to adopt key technology that’ll make Overture quiet once it’s airborne and remove the sound element present with Concorde. Boom knows that if it was as loud, if not louder, many customers would not be attracted to the product, and a lot of pushback would be received from local communities around airports.

The authorisation received runs until April 7, 2025, from a period that started April 7, 2024. The certification provides specific limitations along with registration numbers and chase aircraft that’ll need to be present. These flights will also be required to operate during the daytime.

Boom will need to be careful when conducting flights as local authorities, and if they see any potential negative impact from the test flights, they are allowed to speak up. As a result, the authorisation could adjust or, at worst, be terminated to ensure that the related environment can be protected.

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