Boeing Sending 737 MAX and 777X To Paris Airshow


Boeing will bring two of its newest aircraft, the 737-10 and 777-9, to the 2023 Paris Airshow.

The plane maker says these aircraft will soar in flying displays and allow the public and essential aviation figures to get up close and personal with the two yet-to-be-certified aircraft.

Boeing is currently tracking for a 2025 entry into service for its 777-9, the first member of the broader 777X series, with customers now believing this mark will be hit. Initial expectations slipped drastically as the 777-9 was first slated to enter service in 2020. However, pandemics, 737 MAX issues, quality assurance delays, GE9X problems and much more have all delayed the date.

Meanwhile, Boeing’s 737-10 is part of two remaining variants yet to be certified in the MAX series, with this currently slated for 2024 following multiple delays handed down from the FAA, some being as minor as paperwork that drags on and impacts schedules.

Riyadh Air will also send its currently only 787-9 to the Paris Airshow, where it’ll be on static display. While not coming directly from Boeing HQ, it’ll be another commercial aeroplane family figure.

Daniel Fowkes
14 Jun 2023
· Aircraft 

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