Boeing Says Nothing Wrong With 787

Daniel Fowkes
20 Apr 2024
· Aircraft 
Boeing has reaffirmed that the 787 is safe after maintenance checks and following allegiances over fatigue problems with the series.

Under fire, Boeing faced new allegations in the last fortnight from an engineer who cited production concerns were present with aircraft types of the 777 and 787.

The Whistleblower, who helped build the aircraft, identified sections of the 787s fuselage that had not been produced correctly. Notably, the improper fastening procedure was highlighted as the catalyst.

In a follow-up interview with NBC, the same whistleblower confirmed that this could weaken the aircraft and said the planes could fall out of the sky over time. He additionally called for production to cease with immediate effect to right the wrongs that were present.

Lawyers now back up the claim that several other employees have reported something similar, and data will showcase these problems. The FAA is investigating the matter first broken by the New York Times.

Furthermore, the man behind the allegations is testifying at an ongoing Senate hearing into the safety culture within Boeing or the lack thereof.

Boeing Says Nothing Wrong

The alleged problem identified was said to have impacted up to or over 1,000 787 units; however, since the claims have come to light, Boeing has denied them.

Additionally, further investigations undertaken by Boeing supported this, identifying 787 jets that had undergone heavy maintenance and did not show any fatigue cracking.

Boeing has stood firm since these allegations emerged, claiming it builds quality aircraft and has released statements on several occasions confirming the 787 was safe.

Having already conducted inspections on the 700 in-service Dreamliner jets that could have heavy maintenance checks conducted after six years, nothing was found out of the ordinary.

While the 787 hasn’t been immune to difficulties, with several pauses in deliveries and production due to the FAA’s investigations into manufacturing and quality flaws, Boeing has stood firm.

A Culture Under Fire

The allegations are the latest in several incidents that have impacted the manufacturer over the last half-decade.

Seemingly, with each latest allegation or confirmed problem, Boeing’s difficulties spiral further out of control. While a door blowout incident at the beginning of the year sparked these latest events, the finding of further loose bolts would identify a much more deep-rooted problem.

All these problems indicate something Boeing can’t seem to wiggle itself out of. The lack of a safety culture is now under investigation by the FAA, and more so as higher-ups in the corporate world continue asking how these quality slips can occur so frequently.

Several executives have also announced their immediate or upcoming resignation as part of not the first but hopefully the last board shuffle in response to the worsening situation.

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