Boeing’s Q1 Aircraft Deliveries

Daniel Fowkes
12 Apr 2023
· Aircraft 

Boeing has announced its deliveries for significant programs across the company; notably, for its commercial airplane programs, they saw 130 planes delivered.

The most talked about delivery for the American aircraft manufacturer undoubtedly was the last delivery of the Boeing 747. The delivery ceremony hosted in Seattle wrapped up over half a century of continuous production and ends a valuable chapter in Boeing’s history.

Additionally, Boeing delivered 11 of their 787 Dreamliners. These numbers could’ve ultimately been higher if it wasn’t for another issue preventing deliveries. This is another one of the roadblocks experienced by the manufacturer for the program enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Boeing saw three 777s delivered alongside 1 767. Similarly to the 787, the 767 programs were primarily impacted by difficulties preventing deliveries. They’ll be hoping with some time that this number will only increase.

737 MAX deliveries remained an essential part of the first quarter, with over 50. Ultimately though, Boeing can be immensely pleased with their Q1 delivery performance, with a significant increase from 2022’s performance.

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