Boeing Orders And Deliveries Improving

Daniel Fowkes
12 Jul 2023
· Aircraft 
riyadh air boeing 787

The Paris Airshow has come and gone, and as such, American plane maker Boeing has reported its June orders and deliveries.

June was big for aircraft orders, with the 2023 Paris Airshow aiding those numbers significantly. Airshows typically see a larger amount of coverage put on the industry’s inner workings, including valuable contracts. Airlines will wait until the show to announce deals for maximum attention.

In June, Riyadh Air firmed a commitment for 39 of the 787-9 Dreamliners. Riyadh Air is a newly announced carrier slated to join the industry in the coming years. However, the firming of the contract was not reported at the airshow. Most found this bemusing due to the presence of executives and their demonstrator aircraft.

Boeing secured the finalisation of an order from Air India during the airshow, which consists of 220 units. The 220 planes will aid Air India, alongside a commitment with Airbus in revamping the operations and hopefully returning the carrier to what Tata Group aims to be a leading position within the Indian aviation industry.

Boeing 787s, 737 MAX and the 777X, are present in this deal, and should Air India require additional units, they’ll be pleased to know options exist too for multiple variants.

Additionally, deliveries for the month sat at 60 aircraft. A month once more occupied by the 737 MAX series, which continues to cement its place as a crucial asset for Boeing. Without it, who knows where the plane maker would be?

If comparing the two, Boeing still lacks orders compared to Airbus for 2023; however, Airbus was significantly aided by the largest commercial aircraft order in history from Indigo, which consisted of 500 units.

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