Boeing Forecasts 42,600 New Aircraft By 2042


Boeing is forecasting the need for 42,600 aircraft over the next 20 years.

These aircraft will match the rapid growth pace in the aviation industry, paired with replacement plans and the need to develop airline fleets.

42,600 aircraft would be valued at over US $8 trillion at list prices and is part of Boeing’s latest commercial market outlook for 2023.

Boeing says there’ll be a 3.5% growth to the global fleet per year, with a fleet doubling to 48,600 jets by 2042 as well.

Boeing further notes the Asia Pacific market will represent 40% of the global demand, 20% of this coming from China alone. This important market is one Boeing wants to try and get their teeth into but has struggled in recent years for a host of reasons.

South Asia should also see an expansion of more than 7% per year which will mean it’ll be the fastest-growing region.

As part of the forecast, Boeing says that, as expected, single-aisle planes will bring up the bulk of the almost 43,000 jets, with 75% of all new deliveries accounting for this type of plane.

Widebodies will comprise 20% of total deliveries containing a calculated 7,400. These will play a decisive role in replacing aircraft, growing fleets and helping airlines become more efficient when flying long-haul.

1,810 regional jets are also forecasted to be required, with 925 freighter planes. The total comes in at 42,595 but has been rounded to 42,600.

As always, these figures are subject to change, and this guidance will be updated as Boeing continues to update its commercial market outlook.

Daniel Fowkes
19 Jun 2023
· Aircraft 

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