Boeing Deliveries Drop Again Amid Problems

Daniel Fowkes
11 Apr 2024
· Aircraft 
Boeing's quarterly deliveries have fallen significantly amid quality concerns, investigations, and other factors impacting the company.

Deliveries at Boeing for the first quarter of 2024 have dropped considerably as the manufacturer publishes its latest results, which paint a bleak picture for output.

In the first three months of the year, ending as of March 31, the manufacturer was able to deliver a total of 83 aircraft to customers around the world. While most of these naturally accounted for the 737 family, this was down from the same quarter one year prior.

Figures indicate that Boeing delivered 130 aircraft in Q1 of 2023. Therefore, this drop represents a large one and highlights the manufacturer’s difficulties.

The 83 deliveries are also significantly less than the 142 that rival manufacturer Airbus shipped in the same quarter. However, the comparison, while challenging to make considering the differing performance and focus levels, indicates the long way Boeing has left to go.

Airbus delivered 63 planes in March alone, only 20 less than Boeing’s entire first-quarter figure. Boeing’s output was reportedly dropping to significantly low levels during the final weeks of March as the FAA’s ongoing investigations sent them to the production floor to assess why so many quality issues had been slipping through.

Slowing Down Production

While numbers are easy to judge, several Boeing executives have said the production slowdown is calculated internally.

Boeing will only increase output once it receives approval from the FAA, which should align with the company’s view that it’s in a position to do so.

The manufacturer can only see an output of 38 aircraft per month. Boeing continues to highlight this decision as one it made itself. The impact will be felt for months following this decision, as well as the other long-standing problems that need resolving at the manufacturer.

Orders Still Coming In

While the American plane maker struggles to deliver aircraft amid production increases being blocked, significant oversight and more, this doesn’t mean that its backlog isn’t growing.

During the first quarter, airlines flocked in to purchase new aircraft. Boeing booked 113 new orders in March with orders from American Airlines. Gross orders, therefore, have reached 131 for the calendar year, a solid amount given the turbulent times.

Similarly to many other manufacturers, there are ongoing uncertainties surrounding the delivery of new aircraft to customers, especially at Boeing. Whether this is related to supply chain problems, uncertified aircraft, or ongoing investigations, airlines are beginning to feel the effects of these delays financially.

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