Boeing 787s To Be Scrapped


After ten years of service around the globe, two Boeing 787s have had their fate sealed. But, unfortunately, the fate came after confirmation, noting they’ll be headed to the scrap yard.

Registered currently as VP-CVL and VP-CVM are the two units that’ll be scrapped for spare parts. Previously, VP-CVL and VP-CVM operated with Norwegian. However, after the airline removed all of its 787s as part of an airline saving cost-cutting restructure, the 787 never found another home with an airline.

The decision to scrap relatively new aircraft is always challenging for aviation enthusiasts. However, the disassembly process is expected to take around three months and will take place in Scotland, specifically at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

EirTrade Aviation, a Dublin-based asset management and trading company hopes that the arrival of two 787-8s for scrapping will see them lead a new sector.

This news is historical because these are the first 787s to be scrapped that operated commercially. Per and data, Boeing previously scrapped a 787. However, this was used as a testbed. Given the young age of the series and it still being frequently delivered, 787s that maybe have been stored or removed from fleets have typically found another home or, at the very least, have not been destroyed.

Interestingly enough, the Chief Executive of EirTrade Aviation made mention that we are quickly approaching the 12-year check for the oldest 787s. That said, dismantling the pair of 787s comes at a necessary time for the series.

Daniel Fowkes
02 Mar 2023
· Aircraft 

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  1. why are the 787s being scrapped what for
    they haven’t even been out as long as
    the 747s please tell me why are you
    getting rid of the 787s i’m going with tui
    a 787 to cancun this year june

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