Boeing 787 Production & Deliveries To Slow

Daniel Fowkes
23 Apr 2024
· Aircraft 
Boeing's production and, thus, delivery of its 787 Dreamliner is expected to slow down considerably as a shortage of parts exists.

Boeing’s ability to maintain healthy production and delivery rates appears to be under fire after latest developments surfaced.

In a memo sent by the American planemaker to its employees, it was identified that slower production across the 787 would take place for an extended period.

However, the manufacturer’s inability to meet key production rates will also force it to slow deliveries of new Dreamliners.

Boeing cites ongoing shortages of key parts to produce the aircraft as a reason why it’s being forced to slow down the output of the popular widebody.

Supply chain difficulties have hampered the industry since the beginning of the global pandemic in many ways. While manufacturers have felt the heat, airline customers have felt the knock-on effect.

These airlines are the ones that end up unable to acquire their aircraft on time. This affects their finances, inability to launch routes, the pushback of retirement for old aircraft, and much more.

Ultimately, there’s no real positive outcome for the manufacturer, company on the supply chain, and airline. Additionally, many would argue that there seems to be no real end concerning the supply chain problems.

In a memo seen by Reuters, Boeing said that it was still working to increase production and delivery levels on its 787. However, when this occurs, it remains to be seen, and it will be significantly later and slower than first imagined.

It marks Boeing’s second aircraft family to experience slow production rates. Following a door blowout incident on the 737 MAX, the popular narrowbody was heavily restricted. The FAA has barred a production increase, so airlines worldwide are forced to adjust their forecasting.

The 787 Dreamliner hasn’t been immune to its difficulties over the last decade. However, the manufacturer has slowly recovered and rebuilt the program. As a result, the latest delays due to supply chain shortages that are out of their control have put the plane maker under further pressure.

Boeing’s 787 is an incredibly popular long-haul widebody aircraft critical to many airlines’ long-term success. Thanks to these latest reports, airlines will continue to be unable to meet specific long-term growth plans and will be forced to be without key planes for longer than expected.

However, delays to ensure long-term stability and safety are crucial for Boeing, which has been considerably under fire. Boeing must ensure that its 787 is safe when being delivered; therefore, it takes more time to put out the aircraft to ensure all the parts are installed. This must be done. Boeing must not cut corners.

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