Boeing Finally Resumes 777X Flight Testing


After two months in the dark, Boeing has recently resumed test flights with its upcoming 777X. This is essential for the aircraft manufacturer and its plans to certify the plane.

Two months have passed in which Boeing suspended the testing program again due to issues with the GE9X. It came after a failure on a test flight.

Boeing had not completed another 777X flight, until now, of course, with the aircraft flying once more and completing routine flights.

The certification process for the 777X has been ongoing for several years. The first test flight took place in January 2020.

One thing, though, that has ultimately hurt the program the most has been its consistent delays. Whether central to the airframe itself or, in this most recent case, the GE9X Boeing has struggled to catch a break.

Two GE9X engines will power the 777X series.

The aircraft was initially expected to be delivered to customers in 2020. However, the updated timeframe is 2025. Attainable without further delays to the certification program, which isn’t guaranteed.

Thus far, the program has bought in over 300 orders. However, it has no doubt not attracted as much immediate interest as maybe most would’ve expected.

Ensuring certification remains smooth until 2025 and the global aviation industry recovers will be critical, especially for the long haul, which will be the 777Xs bread and butter.

When eventually delivered, the 777X announcement to official launch will span over a decade. Emphasising delays and the state of the sector. However, once both variants are flying, Boeing should see momentum increase alongside the retirement of existing 777s.

The Boeing 777X should, from 2025, play an integral role in Boeing’s widebody offerings to customers worldwide.

The 777X will lineup alongside the 787 and form an integral part of Boeing’s widebody offering from 2025

It’s just reaching that point, no doubt, that has quickly become quite the challenge, with issues occurring left, right and centre.

Boeing is doing everything in their power to address these problems that have arisen during the testing phase.

Select customers have already openly expressed concern over deadlines, adding pressure to the program.

Airlines have had to adjust retirement and fleet schedules to accommodate such a delayed entry into service.

Maintaining now the 2025 delivery will be crucial for the plane maker to ensure customers stick around and the program doesnt continue to leak further problems.

Daniel Fowkes
24 Dec 2022
· Aircraft 

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