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Off the back of a trying handful of years, Boeing is optimistic about increasing production on its 737 MAX series, according to reports from Reuters.

In its current state, Boeing produces 31 737 MAX aircraft per month. A stable amount that the company can handle. However, given orders and the backlog, the ambition is to increase this very soon. Increasing production shortly now seems more likely than ever as their head of commercial airplanes confirmed they would do this shortly.

Since the 737 MAX’s re-approval into service globally, it has welcomed significant interest and firm customer orders. While concerns were initially present about how it might perform after a disastrous few years, its capabilities, price point and use have made it still a highly attractive aircraft and one of Boeing’s most essential pieces in its giant jigsaw puzzle to the industry.

Before Boeing can increase production, it must conclude its discussions with the Federal Aviation Administration. Certification of planes, ramping up production and changes to aircraft have all come under more heavy scrutiny following the MAX crisis.

As such, Boeing needs to ensure any increase in production can be done without impacting the plane quality pushed out. Additionally, Boeing wants to make sure that their suppliers can keep up with the new monthly amount. Recently, discussions have heavily centred around supply chain difficulties and the inability of companies to keep up with manfuaucuters’ needs, hence delaying aircraft deliveries and production.

Daniel Fowkes
03 Apr 2023
· Aircraft 

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