Boeing 737 MAX Delayed Again…

Daniel Fowkes
17 Apr 2023
· Aircraft 

As if supply chain difficulties couldn’t impact aircraft manufacturers any further, the 737 MAX program has again been hit heavily, with delays now being incurred.

Boeing has officially said their upcoming MAXs slated for delivery will be significantly delayed. While no number was provided on how many would be affected, given the program’s scope and how many are produced and delivered per month, this is expected to impact the manufacturer significantly.

The fitting of installation towards the plane’s rear has been to blame for the latest roadblock for the plane maker and smooth operations. This is not something Boeing put together, so it needs to be addressed by the supplier and then refitted and resent. It ultimately would seem no matter the program or manufacturer, the industry continues to throw its curveballs in new ways and almost always at the wrong time.

News of this comes days after Boeing reported their Q1 deliveries which saw them stride ahead of Airbus thus far. Although, that was even with already existing delays to programs. As mentioned earlier, it’s unclear how much this will impact the total numbers; while you can guarantee it will give the sensitivity around getting jets re-approved, fixes implemented, and supply chains sorted, too, it could be an ongoing problem.

Boeing is working hard at continuing to revive the MAX program. Being a single-aisle twin-engine jet, no matter all the difficulties it faced, its place within the industry is present, and since its return, customers have continued to look towards it as a solution for their own needs.

Aside from the latest roadblock, Boeing is still fighting to certify its remaining two program variants, the smallest and largest -7 and -10, respectively, which is proving challenging for the plane maker. Delays and failure to secure approval in some regards have postponed the clearance, and both types have customers eagerly awaiting the jets’ capabilities.

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