ANA To Begin Flying Last Airbus A380

ANA airbus a380

All Nippon Airways will begin flying its final Airbus A380 delivered following network adjustments announced by the group.

In response to the continued recovery of passenger demand seen in Hawaii, the third Airbus A380 will be introduced.

The third Airbus A380 wears the orange-themed livery, continuing with the special liveries featured on the other two units.

ANA was the last new customer of the Airbus A380 before production ceased in 2021, only acquiring three units.

Additionally, they were the first Japanese customer to acquire the aircraft, not the first to order it. The crown of the first Japanese customer to order the A380 falls to Skymark Airlines, who announced its intent to acquire the aircraft in the early 2010s; however, due to financial struggles, they could not take delivery of the plane.

ANA acquired the Airbus A380 to serve the busy Hawaiian market from Tokyo. As a result, they painted all their A380s in a special livery to respect the Hawaiian culture.

The 520-seat Airbus A380 will be deployed on flight NH182/181 from the 20th of October and is the first scheduled flight for this aircraft per ANA.

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23 Aug 2023
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  1. Nice to see the beautiful airliner in its orange motif. Hawaii might need the tourism but I’d watch out for Maui, some locals are very anti tourism at this time.

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