Akasa Air Plots Massive Order


Akasa Air is one of India’s newest airlines and has significant plans to shake up the Indian sector with severe competitors and players offering scheduled services.

By the end of this year, the airline could only enhance its offering with a substantial new aircraft order. A deal discussed by the airline’s CEO, Vinay Dubey, could be a three-digit commitment, indicating over 100 total units ordered.

It wouldn’t be the first significant commitment from an Indian carrier this year, with Air India placing orders for hundreds of aircraft multiple weeks ago. This was part of their transformational plans under new ownership, Tata Group.

Akasa Air already has multiple orders for the 737 MAX in place. However, they want more aircraft to continue expanding. New staff, including cabin crew and pilots, will be required to develop Akasa Air. However, with current labour shortages, this is something to remember.

At the moment, no specific aircraft type has been provided for the order. However, their CEO Vinay Dubey has openly stated it’ll be significant. With Air India merging with Vistara and the latter brand being closed, consolidation will make the region more competitive.

Akasa Air, independent and new to the industry, needs substantial backing or a solid business plan to ensure long-term survival and profits. For aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing, the Indian sector is quickly becoming a goldmine for potential commitments.

Daniel Fowkes
04 Mar 2023
· Aircraft 
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