Airbus Targets 720 Deliveries In 2023


Aircraft delivery targets are a way for the general public to understand a company’s goals for the calendar year. Unfortunately, in recent years, manufacturers have been unable to stick to their targets as they’ve dealt with supply chain issues, conflict, pandemic-related problems and more.

Airbus has said it’s targeting 720 total commercial aircraft deliveries for 2023. This is up 20 from the previously set target in 2022 of 700. Ultimately, Airbus failed to reach that goal of 700, as they delivered 661.

2022 was turbulent for all manufacturers. Deliveries were not near their initial expectations outlined in January 2022, as this was before Russia invaded Ukraine. Since conflict has broken out in the region, supply chains have taken a toll. This has meant that plane-makers have been unable to keep up with production rates, stay on delivery schedules and more.

An adjusted delivery goal of 720 also comes as Airbus revisits production ramp-ups that it had planned. Notably, for the A320 family, This has been delayed another year to 2026 as the company communicates with supply chains and realises that a 2025 target was unrealistic.

Airbus has also outlined various production adjustments to other aircraft types as it continues to assess what is described as a challenging operating climate. Airbus expects these difficulties to prevent them from excelling and will continue long into 2023.

Daniel Fowkes
17 Feb 2023
· Aircraft 

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