Airbus Opening Another China Assembly Line


A secondary assembly line is set to be built in China following an announcement by European plane maker Airbus.

The decision being labelled as a big one follows the continued recovery of the Chinese aviation sector. This sector was massively affected by restrictions imposed on the people, impacting daily life and especially the demand surrounding air travel which effectively plummeted to zero. However, as restrictions have been lifted, the international and domestic landscape has changed and continues to push towards full recovery.

Airbus is very encouraged by the Chinese sector moving forward. This is aided thanks to its soaring ahead of fierce competitor Boeing in the region. Boeing has been locked in an intense battle with China, preventing deals from being secured. Paired with the 737 MAX’s rocky road to re-approval, Airbus has pounced.

Thanks to a secondary assembly line in China, Airbus forecasts an increase in the output of crucial aircraft types such as the A320neo family. It’ll also mean they’ll like to double their monthly capacity once implemented.

As China recovers, discussions involving new aircraft emerge, as expected. However, for China, there is still a significant amount of research and study that needs to be conducted per the latest reports before a firm decision is made.

What has been confirmed, though, in the meantime, is 160 aircraft that were slated to be delivered to China can now move ahead. This previously announced deal includes A320neos and A350 jets.

Daniel Fowkes
11 Apr 2023
· Aircraft 

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