Airbus A321XLR Completes More Testing

Airbus’ upcoming A321XLR has completed further cold-weather testing as part of its road to certification.

The newest aircraft in the A321 family is slated to enter service sometime in 2024, one year later than initially expected, following delays being incurred.

This time around, MSN11080 was in Iqaluit, located in Northern Canada, for a four day-period where ground tests took place. This is the second time the aircraft has performed cold weather tests as it approaches certification.

Outlined by the Lead Flight Test Engineer for the type, this most recent visit focused on ground operations for the aircraft. The cabin water and waste system were tested thoroughly. In addition, analysis was undertaken internally to see the performance and how varying conditions would impact the aircraft.

Therefore, Airbus will launch a new cold weather option, with the A321XLR that adds insulation and heaters. This an optional package for operators that will likely be headed through harsh conditions such as those featured in Nothern Canada or other parts of the globe.

While the aircraft is the centre of attention, the focus also sits on the humans servicing the plane in these conditions. Ensuring they have the proper PPE is essential, and they are kept warm.

A team of 30 made the trip, including specialists, quality inspectors, photographers, and so many more.


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