Air Inuit To Add 737-800s

Air Inuit 737

Regional operator Air Inuit has announced plans to acquire three 737-800s to serve the people of Nunavik better and beyond with more fuel-efficient planes.

The airline currently has 30 in-service aircraft. However, over 60% of its current fleet is over 30 years of age, and only one aircraft is younger than 18 years. As such, these planes are certainly showing their age.

Air Inuit still flies 737-200 and 737-300Cs over 40 years of age while operating DCH-6-300s that age over 50 years.

The addition of these aircraft to our fleet enhances our capacity to efficiently transport
passengers and deliver essential cargo to the communities we serve. Acquiring these modern aircraft also supports our
airline’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and doing our part in the fight against climate

Christian Busch, President and CEO of Air Inuit.

The aircraft will be fitted with main deck cargo doors to meet the requirements of the areas the company flies to. Additionally, the types will replace those 737-200s and see a staggering 40% cut in fuel emissions.

Air Inuit was founded in 1978 and has been hugely important in connecting towns in Nunavik’s 14 coastal villages alongside the South. There are also 1,000 employees, and their role in the industry cannot be understated.

Daniel Fowkes
04 Jul 2023
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  1. Awesome ….. but at the same time sad to see the few remaining 737-200’s disappear !
    First A/C I ever worked on ……. amazing

  2. Who is the president and CEO of
    Please answer if you know, as I am trying to get a msg to anInuit male, who, like me, would be 82 years old ! I saved his life while in the US Army. I am wanting to contact the Chief of the furtherest Inuit Tribe in the Tundra of N. Alaska !

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