Air India Has Options For Almost 400 Aircraft

Air India’s outstanding commitment for close to 500 aircraft from both Airbus and Boeing occurred this past week. However, there’s more than just the intent to order aircraft. It’s not everyday a commitment as significant as Air India’s is confirmed, so it’s worth taking a breather and exploring the aircraft.

The developments come from a LinkedIn post from one airline executive noting that the airline had options for even more aircraft than the initial 470 it intended to acquire.

To summarise that order. The company signed a letter of intent with Airbus and Boeing for planes that the manufacturers believe will soon become firm. 34 A350-1000s, 6 A350-900s, 140 A320neos, and 70 A321neos have been ordered over on Airbus’ side, and then over with Boeing, there are 20 787-9s, 10 777-9s, and 190 of the -8 and -10 MAX aircraft.

The options, though, bring this order even more to life, if that was possible, to begin with. The total orders if all options were to be executed include 840 planes, as an executive at the airline says. 370 of the 840 can be categorized as options. With relative ease, these options can be obtained from either Airbus or Boeing over the next decade. This would only occur through Air India’s owners believing it to be the right decision for the company.

Options include 50 737 MAX family aircraft and 20 Boeing 787 jets. Likely as well there are options for additional Airbus A350-1000s. On top of that, there are further options spread across the order. It’s an extraordinary commitment for Air India in what is the most significant commitment by an Indian carrier to date and indeed for the history books.

While Air India’s commitment might be a large one, it is speculated to be only the start of an onslaught of new commitments from Indian carriers as the sector experiences fantastic growth and undergoes a major transformational process.


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