Air France Upgraded Boeing 777s Revealed


On January 20th, Air France’s first Boeing 777-300ER equipped with the french carriers’ latest long-haul cabins departed for New York-JFK.

The new cabin aims to improve customer experience, seeing business cabins now equipped with seats that transform into full-flat beds.

The refurbishment includes 12 Boeing 777-300ERs in their fleet and will gradually be completed. The expectation is the transformation will be completed fleet-wide by the end of 2023.

Air France says three more 777s with the updated cabin will be gradually rolled out to destinations across the network. However, this will only be possible as more aircraft return from the refurbishment.

Air France says the seat is completely redesigned and features more enveloping curves and extra comfort. One of Air France’s most significant issues with its A380 and other previous products was their dated nature. As others carriers advanced, the product of their aircraft Air France lagged. The hope is now, with a state-of-the-art seat, they’ll offer an experience more worthy of the price associated.

Air France says the seat is based on three core principles, all beginning with F. These are, Full-flat, Full access and Full privacy. These are the three core functions the airline wanted to ensure present in the upgraded seat.

While the upper class is getting a significant upgrade, other cabins will also get a refresh with premium economy, seeing the latest reclines technology installed, something already available on the A350.

Air France’s upgraded premium economy for the 777-300ER.
Daniel Fowkes
24 Jan 2023
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