Air Asia Will Lease A321neos

Capital A, the parent company of Air Asia, has announced that it will lease an additional 15 Airbus A321neos. Delivery is expected to take place from the end of 2023 onwards.

Capital A owns the Air Asia brand. This includes Air Asia Japan, Air Asia China, Air Asia Vietnam, Indonesia Air Asia, Thai Air Asia, Philippines Air Asia and so on.

Air Asia is a massive customer of Airbus and one of their most vital. The company has hundreds of aircraft on order.

The 15 total A321neos are expected to replace other aircraft that the airlines in the group previously flew that need replacing. The company says this is following their lease expiring or returning to their leasing home during the pandemic.

Capital A, as mentioned, has several airlines in its portfolio. However, the exact split of where the 15 will head hasn’t been determined. Furthermore, the group’s chief executive officer has said it’ll be split between multiple airlines to help with the growing demand. Notably, Indonesia and the Philippines have been mentioned as solid favourites.

Air Asia has, per Cirium data, 362 aircraft on order. These consist of all Airbus A321neo jets, indicating Air Asia’s commitment to such a plane as a driving force.

However, Capital A says they remain hesitant on the timeline regarding aircraft deliveries. This comes as the company undergoes a major restructuring.


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