Virgin Atlantic Boosts Flights To United States

Daniel Fowkes
17 Dec 2023
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Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350-1000 taxiing at New York JFK for departure towards London Heathrow registered G-VPRD

Virgin Atlantic is preparing to see significant demand levels during the upcoming Summer 2024 season.

As a result, the airline has announced plans to increase flights from London Heathrow towards the USA to meet this growing demand.

Increase In Flying To U.S. Cities

In time for the summer 2024 season, the airline will look towards improving its schedule towards New York JFK. The airline says this will be achieved by offering a record number of flights.

A seventh daily flight between London Heathrow and New York JFK will be offered, with Delta’s operations as a partner only enhancing the important Transatlantic connection. All up, this represents an 11% increase year-over-year.

Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic will continue its focus with a boost in service towards Boston. The airline is adding a second daily flight, which, when paired with Delta’s daily service between Boston and London, offers three flights per day.

The next-generation Airbus A330-900 and A350-1000 will be deployed across these services. These two new aircraft types have recently joined the Virgin Atlantic fleet and have been vital to transforming their fleet and bringing down the average age.

Virgin Atlantic says they offer customers the latest cabin products and onboard features as they move towards more efficient forms of flying.

Comments From Virgin Atlantic Executive

We’re excited to announce additional flying to our heartland in the USA for summer 2024. By utilising our brand new A350 and A339 aircraft, our passengers can travel in style with Virgin Atlantic, as we commit to operating the routes that our customers love to fly.  With Boston and New York, JFK being key business and leisure travel routes, customers can rely on Virgin Atlantic to connect them to these popular destinations as we offer more opportunities to travel with our expanded offering.

Juha Jarvinen, Chief Commercial Officer, Virgin Atlantic

Analysing Virgin Atlantic’s USA Network

Virgin Atlantic’s transatlantic operations are pivotal to the airline’s success in the industry. Per Cirium data, the airlines New York JFK and London Heathrow pairing is the most important when measured by the number of flights. In November 2023, 348 flights were offered between the two destinations.

Service to Los Angeles International Airport and Miami International Airport also rank highly, with 120 and 116 flights between the cities and London Heathrow during the month.

Virgin Atlantic’s U.S. operations continue with daily flights towards other key markets, such as Orlando International Airport and Harry Ried International Airport.

Additionally, the airline can be seen in locations such as Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Washington Dulles, Boston Logan, and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

The Virgin Atlantic Fleet

The latest fleet data indicates that Virgin Atlantic operates a fleet of 39 in-service aircraft. However, two units from the A330 and 787 series are also listed as parked.

Virgin Atlantic has recently shifted drastically away from inefficient aircraft such as the 747 and A340 and has moved towards Airbus’ next-generation fleet alongside Boeing’s.

The carrier thus far has 17 Boeing 787-9s to its name, with 16 of these in service. Additionally, the airline flies 10 A350-1000s. Since acquiring the A350-1000, this stretched A350-900 has become essential for deployment to high-profile routes that require additional capacity.

One of the newer additions has been the A330neo series. Virgin Atlantic currently flies 4 A330-900s, which average an age of just 1.1 years.

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