United, Delta & American Airlines Suspend Israel Flights

Daniel Fowkes
09 Oct 2023
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A United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER seen at Hong Kong Airport, registered as N2250U

Several airlines based in the United States have suspended services to Israeli airports following the emergence of conflict.

Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines have all cancelled flights to and from Israel. This means the big three of the United States won’t offer services to the country.

A United Airlines Flight Bound for Tel Aviv Turned Around

UA954 with United Airlines from San Francisco towards Tel Aviv turned around during its journey to Israel. The aircraft ended up landing back in San Fransico for what was a flight to nowhere.

UA954 from San Francisco to Tel Aviv – Flightradar24 data

While Ben Gurion Airport remains open per the U.S. Embassy, The escalating situation does mean that for scheduled passenger operations, there is a lot of sensitivity around safety.

The U.S. Airlines Will Only Return If Situation In Israel Improves

Conditions will need to change for the major U.S. airlines such as United, Delta and American to return to these services. Safety is the top priority of all three carriers, and spokespeople of all three companies have ushered these words.

Delta Eyes Support For Potential Repatriation Flights

The repatriation of citizens within Israel will be hot on the lips now of most. Delta specifically said to Fox News Digital its intent to work directly with the U.S. government to assist those who need or want to return home.

Repatriation flights were crucial during the global pandemic as citizens were stranded in different parts of the world. A similar theme in Israel could see major U.S. carriers work towards offering repatriation flights to help those stuck.

While these three airlines have suspended operations in Israel, the expectation is more could follow. Those still flying from any corner of the globe have been told to execute a degree of caution.

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