United Airlines Plans For 737-10 Delays

United Airlines is planning for the delayed 737-10 EIS by relying on more 737 MAX and A321neo jets alongside older aircraft types.

United Airlines has long been planning on moving forward without the 737-10 in its fleet plan for a considerable period.

These plans have elevated their urgency following the most recent door blowout incident on a 737-9 at the top of the year and plunged Boeing into new quality assurance difficulties.

As a result of the new quality-related difficulties, only further uncertainty has been placed on the 737-10s certification. This variant is slated to be the highest-capacity variant in the MAX series and has United as a core customer, but it has encountered significant delays to its debut.

A Changing Plan

Now, off the back of reporting from The Air Current, United Airlines has said it’ll rely on other aircraft types as it continues to battle delays associated with acquiring the 737-10.

The airline’s Chief Financial Officer has said it’ll look to have many more 737-9s, also part of the MAX series, alongside A321 aircraft to mitigate some of the losses felt.

Ultimately, the plan, while a means to avoid just some of the difficulties, will still be unable to grow as fast as they had ideally wanted as a company because of this.

It’s important to note that an order cancellation for the 737-10 has not come, but United is largely making every short to medium-term plan not to include this type.

Older Aircraft Prove Reliable

Away from focusing on some next-generation aircraft, United Airlines will also be forced to rely on some of its older yet ever-reliable aircraft types, such as the 757.

A United Airlines Boeing 757-200
Photo credit: Tomás Del Coro

However, obvious concerns present with a heavier reliance on older aircraft, which involves cost-cutting measures and attempts to become more efficient. While the 757s are reliable, they are part of the previous generation of aircraft.

Ultimately, this decision will extend the life of planes on the way out; therefore, factors such as required maintenance and more will all be considered.

For United Airlines, the continued delay of the 737-10 really signifies how even a large company such as itself can see the negative ramifications. United isn’t the only company impacted by the 737-10 delays; there are many others around the world.

Daniel Fowkes
21 Feb 2024
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