Thai Airways Announces Return To Perth

Thai Airways has revealed that from March 31, 2024, it'll return to Perth in Australia with daily flights using the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Thai Airways has revealed that from March 31, 2024, it’ll begin service again in Perth, Australia.

The airline will offer daily flights between Bangkok and Perth onboard their Boeing 787 Dreamliner, thus offering those in Bangkok and Western Australia a direct connection between the locations once more.

A Welcomed Return

A return towards Perth, Australia, continues with Thai Airways’ rebuild of its global network following a host of struggles felt across recent history.

The carrier’s operations ultimately took a hit with global restrictions; however, at the same time, the airline was undergoing a significant restructuring program for bankruptcy debt.

Slowly but surely, the airline has returned more aircraft to service while also changing how it operates daily to streamline and ensure it can be profitable.

As part of these changes, the carrier said goodbye to several aircraft types that were no longer required, with the most notable fleet type cut, the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane. Given the pandemic and restrictions, Thai Airways didn’t believe such a plane suited their long-term vision.

Analysing Thai Airways In 2024

Fleet data indicates that Thai Airways operates with 61 in-service aircraft and six units listed as parked. The airline’s average age fleet-wide is 9.4 years. Ultimately, this average age has been considerably reduced following fleet retirements.

The airline’s most significant aircraft type, when measured by active units, is the Boeing 777, with 4 active 777-200s and 15 active 777-300ERs. These are equally met with 2 units listed as parked.

The company flies the Airbus A350-900 significantly, too, with 16 in-service. A commitment to the A350 series represents their youngest fleet type, measured by average age at 6.1 years.

Other aircraft families, such as the 787, A330 and A320, play an essential role in the airline’s operations.

A New Order Soon?

In December 2023, Reuters reported that Thai Airways sought to boost its widebody and long-haul offering by ordering up to 80 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

If the airline were to proceed with such a deal, it could substantially increase its fleet size and allow new services to be launched across its network as part of the continued rebuild.

In December, the order was in the advanced stages of completion, with the airline having previously put forward a Request for Proposals to crucial aircraft manufacturers for a midsized widebody.

Daniel Fowkes
09 Jan 2024
· Routes 

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