Starlux To Launch San Francisco Flights

starlux airbus a350-900 at Macau International Airport

The reputable Aeroroutes has noted that Starlux will launch in San Francisco this December.

Starlux has long been plotting its North American expansion, with San Francisco and New York flagged as immediate destinations it would like to fly to.

However, restrictions around aircraft and more have prevented the company from executing its plan now, though part of that is slated to change.

Aeroroutes says that Taipei Taoyuan to San Francisco will begin effective 16 December 2023 with a three times weekly service utilising the A350-900. However, from 31 March 2024, the route will become daily.

JX012 will operate the Taipei to SFO flight, arriving at SFO at 1815 after departing Taiepe at 2330. Meanwhile, JX011 will depart SFO at 2340 before arriving in Taipei at 0530.

Starlux’s current route network relies heavily on their narrowbody aircraft, with the most popular pairing between Taipei and Macau with 186 flights for August 2023. Since launch, its Taipei to Los Angeles has been equally important for its Airbus A350 operations and highlights the direction the company wishes to head into the future.

Starlux has a fleet comprising 20 aircraft with 3 Airbus A350-900s in service, followed by 4 A330-900s. When measured by active units, its most significant fleet type is the A321neo. Eventually, the carrier will acquire the A350-1000, with its high capacity nature benefitting their network.

The airline, which is only new to the industry, has big plans looking ahead and prides itself on not being cheap but rather a luxury airline with a memorable onboard experience. Only time will tell whether it can compete with other carriers offering a similar route pairing.

Daniel Fowkes
05 Sep 2023
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