Riyadh Air Unveils New Livery

Daniel Fowkes
13 Nov 2023
· Airlines 
Riyadh Air's newly announced second livery on its Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Upcoming Saudi Arabia national airline Riyadh Air has announced its second livery to be deployed across its upcoming fleet.

A Second Livery For Riyadh Air?

The debut of a new livery on the Boeing 787 acts as Riyadh Air’s secondary livery. It follows a previous livery reveal in June 2023.

Riyadh Air’s first livery was unveiled earlier this year

News of a second livery doesn’t necessarily come as a shock. The airline had always laid out plans that a second livery would be coming soon.

The second livery is a much blander yet elegant scheme over the first livery, which features a full-body paint scheme.

The centre piece of the secondary livery is the elegant colours towards the backend of the plane. The remainder of the aircraft sees plain whites with a Riyadh Air logo font featured at the front.

Notably, the airline will also implement a sleek mask through this livery to their fleet, similarly seen at Air Canada.

Riyadh Air’s newly announced second livery features a much simpler and sleeker design.

It’s not every day a start-up has two liveries announced before launch. However, Riyadh Air successfully made headlines globally years before its launch thanks to a solid media campaign and ambitions.

While two liveries have been revealed, the first rendition is applied to a Boeing-owned 787 and is at the 2023 Dubai Airshow. How the airline will implement the two liveries across its future fleet, likely to include the 787 and 737 MAX, remains unclear.

Riyadh Air Aims For A 2025 Launch

The newest airline to grace the Middle East and be a national carrier for Saudi Arabia is gearing up for a 2025 launch.

However, despite orders present for the 787 and soon to be the 737 MAX, per Bloomberg, there’s still an element of uncertainty around the business.

Currently, the airline hasn’t identified any routes or other vital areas of the business. The company says this will come in due course. However, with two liveries already being revealed, many are curious.

Riyadh Air has been created to pursue opportunities in Saudi Arabia and continue growing by 2030. Riyadh Air will complement the existing SAUDIA.

The airline is already led by key executives who have held highly regarded and respected roles before moving to Riyadh Air.

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