Riyadh Air To Order Boeing 737 MAX

A Boeing 737-8 MAX flying over water

Riyadh Air is, on the eve of the 2023 Dubai Airshow, reportedly set to order the 737 MAX, per Bloomberg.

A Commitment To The 737 MAX

A deal for the 737 MAX isn’t uncommon knowledge. Ultimately, the airline has been eyeing a purchase of the series for some time.

However, with the 2023 Dubai Airshow arriving and the spotlight on the Middle Eastern sector, the executives of Riyadh Air see it as the perfect time to move forward.

Riyadh Air will display a Boeing-owned 787 Dreamliner at the show as it gears up for a launch in 2025.

A deal for the 737 MAX is likely to consist of up to 100 units. However, the exact specifics around variants remain to be seen.

Two variants of the 737 MAX series, the -7 and -10, remain uncertified. This is despite a considerable backlog and carriers awaiting the services of the aircraft.

Riyadh Air’s Commitment To Boeing

As part of a deal with Boeing for the 737 MAX, it’ll solidify the Saudi Arabian-based carrier’s commitment to the plane maker.

At launch, Riyadh Air will operate an all-Boeing fleet. A noteworthy move comes following the announcement of up to 72 Boeing 787 jets earlier in the year. This included firm orders alongside options, too.

The Boeing 787s will form the backbone of the airline’s long-haul operation. It’ll likely act as the first aircraft type the airline will fly when it launches.

Who Are Riyadh Air?

Riyadh Air is an ambitious carrier slated to launch services in 2025 from Saudi Arabia.

The conception of the airline and subsequent launch are part of Saudi Arabia’s ambition to grow the country as a leading travel destination by 2030.

Riyadh Air will complement the existing Saudia and offer services to markets worldwide. As a secondary flag carrier, it’ll utilise Riyadh as its base.

One hundred destinations worldwide have been targeted, with no limit on where the airline will fly. This could see the airline operating from Riyadh as far as North America and Oceania cities.

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12 Nov 2023
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