Qantas Struggling With Airbus A380 Delays

Daniel Fowkes
14 Feb 2024
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Qantas is adjusting its schedule in the coming months as it battles with A380 re-entry into service delays and more.

Qantas is adjusting its network following continued delays in returning the Airbus A380 into service, among other issues related to maintaining the aircraft.

The world’s largest passenger plane has long been essential to the airline’s operations. However, the company was forced to ground the aircraft during the global pandemic.

Adjustments Set To Be Made

Qantas says, via an internal message, that it’ll delay the Sydney to Johannesburg switch from the Boeing 787 to the Airbus A380 as it battles delays. The expectation is for the change to be pushed three months back.

These schedule adjustments are for between July and October and are the impact that will be felt from the delays in the A380.

During this period, the airline says it’ll also make decreases for its Sydney to Santiago and Sydney to Dallas Fort-Worth routes currently operated by the Boeing 787-9s. These reductions occurring over a few months are again in response to the delayed A380.

Boeing 787-9 Qantas taking off from London Heathrow for a long flight to Perth.
Qantas will place a larger reliance on the Boeing 787 during periods where they experience shortages with the Airbus A380 – Photo credit: south.jets

Meanwhile, the number of Airbus A380s flying between popular Melbourne and Los Angeles locations will decrease, with a more significant reliance on the 787s.

The Airbus A380 Return For Qantas

Ultimately, the return to service of the Airbus A380s has been attributed to these delays. While some Airbus A380s have returned to service, not all are back.

Qantas has long expressed the difficulties it has experienced with the return to service of these aircraft, from the resources required to even the time.

While the return to service for the two remaining A380s looms, as they have been in maintenance for some time, focus is also placed on the upcoming cabin refurbishment of the aircraft. This refurbishment is essential to ensuring long-term competitiveness and customer satisfaction across markets.

However, this means that their scope of operations with the aircraft type will reduce for some time, thus resulting in the reductions above.

The airline hopes to have seven A380s flying leading into the busy summer 24/25 schedule that is expected to see further ramp-ups.

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