Qantas Returns To San Francisco

Qantas has further boosted its international network by returning to San Francisco after a lengthy absence.

The airline has relaunched its Sydney to San Fransico service operated by the Boeing 787. Initially, this flight will depart from Sydney thrice weekly on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:55 pm local time.

Unfortunately for Qantas, a relaunch of operations comes far later than initially expected for several important reasons. The airline says that issues obtaining new aircraft, freeing up existing units, and priority with route resumptions have meant the service has been delayed.

Qantas initially outlined a return to San Francisco last year but ultimately put it off until May of 2023. For now, though, those wishing to travel to San Francisco will have to do so solely via Sydney, with other cities’ connections to the famous American destination having yet to resume.

Recently Qantas announced one of its most significant expansions to its route network, including new city pairings and massive up gauges. As more aircraft arrive, a heightened focus will no doubt be placed on their North American services as competition heats up. United Airlines offers substantial flights to Australian cities, sometimes more than Qantas.


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