New Pacific Airlines Cancels Route

New Pacific Airlines has cancelled its Ontario to Las Vegas Harry Reid route following massive delays on the ground for their Boeing 757 flights. However, there are question marks now over what the future holds for the airline.

New Pacific Airlines has cancelled its first launch route to Las Vegas, initially identified as a crucial part of its route network.

The airline that exclusively operates with the Boeing 757 has had a turbulent time since its launch, with a lack of identity following airspace restrictions and other struggles.

Route Problems For New Pacific Airlines

The newly launched U.S.-based carrier terminated service between Ontario International and Las Vegas Harry Reid on January 1, 2024.

The decision, which came at the turn of the new year, followed problems identified with the service, as revealed by the airline CEO, Rob McKinney.

Rob McKinney says there were times when ground stops made the trip longer than it would have been in an Uber. As a result, New Pacific Airlines doesn’t want to continue offering a service it believes does not give the best to its customers.

The company highlighted consistent ground delays while arriving and departing Harry Reid in Las Vegas, which tallied two to three hours. Ultimately, the carrier isn’t the only one facing something similar at the location. However, it is notable that the airline first pulled itself from the airport.

However, despite a route cancellation, the airline says that the load factors on the aircraft were more than adequate, which was not the reason for the cancellation.

A Broken Identity

According to many, a decision to depart Las Vegas Harry Reid further highlights the airline’s broken identity or lack thereof.

Initially, when the New Pacific Airlines was launched, it was known as Northern Pacific Airways before a name change occurred towards the mid to late point of 2023.

New Pacific Airlines was formally known as Northern Pacific Airways.

When launched, the company wanted to fly from Anchorage to ports within Asia utilising a fleet of Boeing 757s, facilitating onward travel from Anchorage towards more ports in the United States. The airline would adopt a model similar to Icelandair’s.

However, when Russia invaded Ukraine in the early stages of 2022, the repercussions were felt down to the aviation industry as restrictions were implemented on flights.

Due to the nature of New Pacific Airlines and its new entry to the market, it could not operate flights towards Asian ports as it initially would’ve utilised airspace, but it was now barred from using it.

Following this, there were question marks around how the company would cope. After an extended period where the carrier attempted to find ways to begin flying, it explored offering service to Mexico, in the Pacific and more before settling on service to Las Vegas.

Looking Ahead

In the future, New Pacific Airlines still wants to fly from Anchorage to North Asia and already has part of a refurbished terminal ready; however, when this is possible, if at all, remains to be seen.

Onlookers, however, argue that the airline’s hopes of flying to North Asia now seem dead and buried, and it’s now a job of just throwing darts and hoping something sticks.

Therefore, the question marks how the airline will survive long-term if a focus and identity aren’t formed.

Daniel Fowkes
06 Jan 2024
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