Northern Pacific Rebranded To New Pacific Airlines

Say farewell to Northern Pacific Airways with the startup currently offering flights to Las Vegas, which has been rebranded.

Enter New Pacific Airlines, a bold and decisive rebranding, per Rob McKinney, the CEO of the company. He says the word ‘new’ speaks to modern-day navigators driven by purpose and aspiration.

However, the rebrand to New Pacific Airways is hardly a personal choice by the company that only launched services to Las Vegas a handful of months ago due to an ongoing battle with BNSF Railway Company, which 2022 filed a lawsuit against the startup airline.

BNSF claimed that Northern Pacific was already a brand name they owned and had so much history it dated back to the 1800s. This even despite the naming not technically existing for BNSF for some time. BNSF, though, has always been protective over its former branding, and thus, it was never going to be an easy case for Northern Pacific Airways to battle.

Northern Pacific Airways fought this as much as they could. However, changing names was the best strategic move for the business per their CEO.

New Pacific Airlines as a rebranding has many sceptical, feeling that it’s lost the appeal Northern Pacific had with the main point of flying North of the Pacific Ocean, ultimately something the airline has yet to achieve following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ultimately, the rebranding is another hurdle that the airline is being forced to overcome. While highlighted to be positive, substantial costs will be incurred once more for an airline that only offers regular routes between Ontario and Las Vegas.


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