Lynx Air Announces Upcoming Shutdown

Lynx Air, a Canadian ULCC will cease operations in the coming days as it failed to secure the required funding to continue flying.

Lynx Air has formally announced that it’ll cease operations at the end of its flying schedule on Sunday, February 25.

As a result, on February 26, the airline will cease to exist and thus end a multi-year operation described as a rollercoaster.

A decision to shut down came as Lynx could not secure an investment to sustain its operations and enable future growth.

Lynx has been under pressure for a substantial period, with these pressures mounting, and despite their best efforts, the COO Jim Sullivan said they could no longer continue.

Sullivan said that while the news may shock its employees, it wasn’t how the story was intended to play out, and the airline had hoped to make travel more affordable within Canada.

Ultimately, with such a congested market already in Canada, one of the biggest struggles has been for airlines to successfully bring low-cost fares to the market. Those who have tried have often collapsed or been forced to pivot their strategy to ensure long-term sustainability.

Lynx says while it only has a few days left to operate, it’ll look to offer the best possible service to its customers and ensure it goes out on the right note.

At its closure, Lynx Air will leave with one of the youngest fleets in North America with 9 Boeing 737 MAX jets in service, all the -8 variants. Additionally, it’ll leave behind a dedicated group of employees who are now out of a job and seeking work elsewhere.

The Possible Flair Merger

Before Lynx Air announced its shutdown, there were strong reports that Lynx was in advanced talks with Flair to merge.

As part of these merger talks, the pair would’ve combined forces to further consolidate within the Canadian market if approved.

Flair Airlines is facing fresh problems and concerns amid the ongoing mission to repay debt the airline has accumulated over recent years.
Photo credit: Ethan L

The intricacies of the deal would see Flair completely absorb Lynx and thus grow its fleet and network in a move widely considered by analysts as essential for the survival of both.

However, a deal that, per several sources, was seemingly about to be finalised just days ago has fallen through. This is evident through Lynx Air announcing it’ll shut down in the coming days.

What this means for Flair Airlines, another low-cost Canadian carrier that has faced an uphill battle, remains to be seen.

Daniel Fowkes
23 Feb 2024
· Airlines 

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