Last Boeing 747 To Rollout With Livery Tomorrow

Daniel Fowkes
09 Jan 2023
· Exclusive 

Boeing’s last 747, scheduled for delivery in the coming weeks to Atlas Air, will be tomorrow (Monday, 9th January) rollout of the paint shop in Portland.

According to a source, the aircraft will emerge at 12 PM in Portland, that’s 12 PM Pacific Standard Time, before it readies to fly back to Boeing’s factory. From here, Atlas Air will inspect the aircraft for further testing. Finally, it can then be delivered.

Per Flightradar24, N863GT landed in Portland on 21st December. Following its landing, the aircraft has been in the paint shop over the holiday period. A process that typically takes ten days or so.

Speculation has spurred on regarding the livery the aircraft will emerge with. Many hope that Boeing will celebrate the final 747 with a unique scheme. Rumours pointed towards a tribute for Joe Sutter. Although, at this point, it is unclear if or how that’ll be executed.

What can be confirmed is that the aircraft will not sport the typical Atlas Air livery. It’ll lean into its ongoing deal with another logistics company.

Joe Sutter led the Incredibles, a team that built the first Boeing 747. Watch the video on GlobeTrotting.

Boeing’s 747 saw production begin over half a century ago. Since it has been an icon of the skies. With Boeing set to draw the curtain on the queen of the skies, tributes have poured in for the fondest memories those have had with the series across its 50+ years.

Thankfully, the Boeing 747 will continue flying for decades to come. While likely not as frequently for passenger operations given the -8s poor performance, from a freighter standpoint, companies such as UPS and Atlas Air will long keep the queen flying.

Photo Credit – Baqir_KPAE

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  2. It’s very sad day, but also important as exited this beautiful airplane…looking forward to future with hope that we have a better airplane for future.

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  3. My first flight on a 747 was when I returned home from the end of my military service in 1973 (on Continental Airlines, Honolulu to LAX). Since then I have lost track of the number of times I took a ride on this grand aircraft. I will miss her a lot!

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  4. Love the 747……World Airways did the proving evacuation at Boeing Field of 461 pax/10 f/a’s in 90 seconds. SUCCESSFUL ……FIRST AIRLINE to accomplish that configuration. Proud to have been on that crew!!!

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