Japan Airlines A350 Collision Update

A Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900 has collided with a Japan Coast Guard Q300 while arriving into Tokyo causing a major incident to take place with a loss of life on the Q300.

On the night of January 2, 2024, a Japan Airlines A350 fatally collided with a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft.

Five of the six onboard the Japanese Coast Guard aircraft lost their lives following the impact of the Japan Airlines A350. However, all 379 onboard the widebody evacuated the plane successfully, and no fatalities were reported.

Following the events, further details surrounding the incident have come to light.

A Miracle

The quick-thinking crew onboard the Japan Airlines aircraft and safety procedures that highlight leaving baggage in an emergency are being commended.

Scarce video and imagery showcase those onboard the Airbus A350 leaving behind their luggage instead prioritising their safety and fellow passengers.

On several occasions, significant incidents have become worse than needed as passengers exiting the cabin have attempted to retrieve their baggage, trapping people behind them.

Aviation authorities, among many other parties, have called for a more widespread focus on leaving behind property in an emergency.

Damaged Revealed

Following the night’s conclusion in Tokyo, the scale of the damage of JA13XJ, the Japan Airlines A350-900 involved in the incident, has been revealed.

Essentially, the Airbus A350 has been burnt to almost nothing, with only specific features such as substantial parts of the wing, wingtip, and engine on the aircraft remaining.

One of the more notable and daunting focuses is on the front of the aircraft, where only a slight outline of the cockpit can still be visible, whereas the remainder has been burnt to the ground.

Investigation Begins

Forensic experts from Airbus and the French state agency BEA will be arriving in Japan on January 3, 2024, to begin investigating the circumstances behind the incident.

A total of 4 investigators from BEA and 5 technical advisors from Airbus will travel. All in all, these experts will help support local authorities with their mission of understanding what caused such an incident and how to prevent it from occurring again.

Due to the still early nature of the incident, forming a firm view of what happened has been advised against. A thorough, in-depth investigation needs to occur with experts to fully determine the causes that contributed to what occurred.

While the investigation will take some time, industry analysts have already focused on understanding communication between all parties involved.

Daniel Fowkes
03 Jan 2024
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