Japan Airlines A350 Collides With Aircraft

Daniel Fowkes
03 Jan 2024
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A Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900 has collided with a Japan Coast Guard Q300 while arriving into Tokyo causing a major incident to take place with a loss of life on the Q300.

A Japan Airlines Airbus A350 has burst into flames after colliding with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft moments after arriving in Tokyo Haneda.

The Incident

The A350-900 was arriving in Tokyo Haneda from Sapporo’s New Chitose Airport as JL516 when it came into contact with a Japan Coast Guard Dash 8 Q300.

This aircraft was, per local media, loaded with significant relief for those devastated by the recent earthquake that hit Japan at the turn of the new year. Data indicates this Coast Guard type impacted by the A350-900 was registered as JA722A.

Upon landing, the A350 hit the much smaller aircraft, which was reflected via footage from cameras around Tokyo Haneda that captured the moment of impact.

Given the significant mass of the widebody travelling at such a speed, the effects resulted in a loss of life aboard the Japanese Coast Guard Aircraft.

Current reports say that five of the six onboard the much smaller aircraft have lost their life, with the pilot being severely injured and receiving medical care.

Additionally, the A350, shortly after the impact, was engulfed in flames. Despite this, all onboard the aircraft could evacuate safely, with only minor injuries reported.

It has been reported that there was a total of 379 passengers and crew aboard the A350-900 operated by Japan Airlines.

Given the nature of the incident being fresh, a thorough investigation will take place to determine the circumstances around just what took place and how to prevent something like this from happening again.

The Airbus A350

The A350, registered as JA13XJ, was only delivered to Japan Airlines in November of 2021 and is configured to seat up to 369 passengers.

Remarkably, while some onboard the A350 sustained injuries, all successfully evacuated the aircraft.

Tonight’s events represent the first major incident involving the Airbus widebody since it entered commercial service in 2014.

The Remarkable Nature Of The Incident

Imagery and videos that follow the landing show a fireball emerge. However, one of the more notable moments was the safe evacuation of those onboard and the integrity of the A350, allowing this to occur.

Throughout the decades, there have been rapid advancements in the materials utilised to build aircraft. This incident has highlighted the leaps and bounds of this.

Thankfully, as such incidents are not more common, the advancements do not frequently come to light, but innovation progress won’t go unnoticed.

A Tragic Tale

Ultimately, the incident is labelled just as tragic as a miracle. The lives of those onboard the Japan Coast Guard aircraft are being mourned right across the world with their selfless acts of helping those in need, never to be forgotten.

However, equally, a focus is being placed on how different this incident could have been had the industry not developed substantially over recent decades to see the integrity of aircraft improved so substantially.

NOTE: This article will continue to be updated as further information comes to light.

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